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Credit: Renee Farias

 'Tea with Victoria Summer' 

for Teen Cancer America.

Join this initiative that transforms the way teenagers with cancer are treated and supported.



I advocate for everyone to pursue his or her dreams! As a young person I stayed

focused on achieving my dreams.

So what happens when as a young person, on track with your goals, believing and driving yourself forward to where you want to be, someone tells you that you have cancer?!  Cancer. . . . . . .

and you are just in your teens!!!

Dreams are suddenly put on hold or new dreams may have to be created because cancer can interfere with or even change your future. Even survival is not guaranteed.  Worse still, a young teen will most likely be treated on a children’s ward with toddlers and an older teen and young adult will be treated on an adult ward with much older people.  Feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety and a separation from their peers take over as they battle through their cancer journey.  It’s important that as a young person, no longer a child and not yet an adult, we make sure that they have access to the best possible age appropriate care and support, where they can be treated together.


This is one dream that you can help

to make come true!

“These are your teenagers, they need your support, they’re your community and they’re your future. They deserve to have it better!” - Roger Daltrey





Tea with Victoria Summer
September 1st 2016
British Consulate General
Tea with Victoria Summer NASHVILLE
May 12th 2018
77th Iroquois Steeplechase
Tea with Victoria Summer
June 2nd 2024
Fairmont Hotel, Santa Monica
Victoria Summer's Virtual Vegan Tea with TCA & NextGen Role Model Dec 12th 2020
Tea with Victoria Summer LONDON
To be announced...


They create state of the art facilities in which young people can be treated together. Where they can talk to someone of their age going through the same thing as themselves and give each other support. Where they can feel comfortable and know that their dreams still matter!


Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who are the driving force behind Teen Cancer America. After over a decade working with Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK, the duo decided to bring their passion across the pond and transform the lives of young people with cancer in the USA.


Teen Cancer America is a partner to hospitals across the country to establish specialized facilities and programs to better meet the needs of this young cancer population.


Teen Cancer America creates state of the art facilities build teen friendly environments, develop standards for age - targeted care, improve collaboration between pediatric and adult specialists and support dedicated research, to improve outcomes and survival.


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